Changing Linux TUI to GUI


Changing Linux from TUI to GUI

Graphical Terminal Linux

How to install GUI in Centos 7 Linux using terminal commands?

How to upgrade your system from the terminal view to GUI in Centos 7 using the command line?

Switch your user to the root user so that we can start the installation with all permissions

The first command will be the installation command, in which we will be installing all the necessary packages for GUI.

yum groupinstall “GNOME Desktop” -y

Now after the installation, we need to change the default target (“”) to This means whenever we will be starting our system the default display will be graphical.

systemctl get-default

systemctl set-default

systemctl get-default

Now we can check the graphical view by restarting the system

init 6

How to change view temporarily from TUI to GUI or From GUI to TUI. Use below command

From GUI to TUI

systemctl isolate

From TUI to GUI

systemctl isolate

Command to remove GUI. Example – your system or server becomes too heavy with GUI and need only TUI then you can easily remove GUI.

yum groupremove “GNOME Desktop”

Conclusion :

Linux is the freedom and it provides you with the full freedom to customise your system and server according to your requirements.

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