How to add printer in raspberry pi or raspberry desktop ?


Adding printer and configuring in Raspberry PI and Desktop

Here we will be learning how to add printer to your raspberry pi in 5 steps only.

First Step

Install the Common Unix Printing System cups package which will detect your printer.

At the terminal, enter this command

apt-get install cups

Second Step

Give permission to your user to access the “CUPS” group permissions (lpadmin).

usermod -a -G lpadmin pi

In the above command we are appending pi user to the existing grouplist of lpadmin.
Alos note, if your username is different from “pi” then change the command by replacing your username.

usermod -a -G lpadmin yourUserName

Third step, 

Edit the cups file to access localhost url through ip address.

Edit cups configuration file ie.. cupsd.conf

vim /etc/cups/cupsd.conf


#Listen localhost:631

ADD after commenting Listen localhost:631

Port 631

ADD Allow @local under three locations.

< Location / >

Order allow,deny
Allow @local
< /Location >

< Location /admin >

Order allow,deny
Allow @local
< /Location >

< Location /admin/conf >
AuthType Default
Require user @SYSTEM

# Restrict access to the configuration files…
Order allow,deny
Allow @local
< /Location >

Restart cups services

systemctl restart cups

Fourth Step, Now configure your printer

Open the browser and enter the below URL.




Fifth Step, Adding printers and classes

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