Looking for a peaceful place in Ghaziabad for study

Tired of studying or working from home?
We are bringing the perfect place to study and work.
Now open @ D/489 Govind Puram, Ghaziabad

Starting from ₹599/- Only


I/604 Govindpuram

D/489 Govindpuram

N/616 Govindpuram


Coworker Space


Dedicated Desk

Private Offices


Safe and motivating space in Ghaziabad.

We are maintaining each and every necessary measure to control corona and we are happy to announce that we are perfectly beating corona. At TecHouse HUB we are building a top-notch educated society. Don’t miss the chance to join our society.

Best Coworking Space

We are offering the most economical space for work. Get a dedicated or hot desk with premium amenities, for client-ready conference rooms to on-site support. Best for Startups and small companies.



General Manager

Working from home become so hectic for me and my family. I was looking for a place with peace, good internet connectivity and not boring. And personally, I would like to say that you should visit TecHouse HUB working space once and I am confident that you will not be disappointed.


Business Agent

I need a place were I can prepare for my exams, study other subjects and create new things for my hobbies. I am happy to find TecHouse HUB.



I am preparing for my Exams and I was unable to concentrate at home any other place. I was looking for a place such as TecHouse HUB. And good crowd as well.

Take a Closer Look

TecHouse HUB Library is the nerve center and the heart of the Ghaziabad and plays a vital role in providing space for studying, working, teaching and learning activities, and provides the primary source for individuals to Study and Work. The Techouse Library is meant to help the academic community. At the same time for students, the library is a source to get information support for their course curriculum as well as for their self-development. Techouse HUB Library holds knowledge resources predominantly related to management and allied subjects. Library at Techouse HUB Ghaziabad operates in a fully automated environment and is focused on web-based and electronic delivery of information. One of the best Library in Ghaziabad.


TecHouse hub + Chirag House = COLIVING


Book affordable and hassle-free coliving spaces

Coworking Lounge

Future Is Here
Technology in Realestate

Bringing you the most innovative places. Providing you world level amenities.
For whom our service is suitable
People who are looking for space for living, working, learning, education. We are providing all modern world amenities.
1. Students (Library+living space)
2. Working-class (Coworking space + living Space)
3. Individual (Library, Coworking Space, Living Space, Cafeteria etc)
Early birds will get maximum benefits at an affordable price.

Finding the right study environment is important because you need to be able to focus and stay productive.


The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.


TecHouse HUB Team Thank you to all wish you have prosperous career.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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Most frequent questions and answers

High-speed Wi-Fi

Frequent sanitisation and cleaning

Connect with membersOnsite community support

Onsite parking

Shared Space

Get a dedicated or hot desk with premium amenities, from client-ready conference rooms to on-site support.

Best for Startups and small companies.

Private Offices

Build your business with a fully serviced private office for you and your team


We are aiming to build a place where students can learn more, understand their skills, and can build a good future. TecHouse HUB not just providing an environment for theoretical creation but also providing a place to gain practical knowledge.

Special consideration for girl’s safety.

Ambience and intereriors are top notch.

We have chai,coffee,maggi!

Properly Air Conditioned.

Open terrace with great view.


Ambience and intereriors are top notch.

We have chai,coffee,maggi!

Open terrace with great view.

Special consideration for girl’s safety.

Properly Air Conditioned.

Providing freelancer, small businesses, independent contractors and other workers a space to get work done, network and participate in their local business community

Techouse Hub Library is best in ghaziabad for study and working environment.

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