4th Feb Sudoku Competition February 2024

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4th February 2024

Techouse Library organized a thrilling sudoku event, drawing participants from all corners of Ghaziabad to motivate them to improve their skills.
As the competition unfolded, the library buzzed with focused energy and determination. While all participants showcased their skills admirably, it was the exceptional performance of a few students that truly stole the spotlight.

Congratulations to –

First Prize – 1500
Archana (D Block, 18 minutes)
Second Prize – 900
Charvi (C Block, 23 minutes)
Third Prize – 500
Akshay (I Block, 29 minutes)

With ingenuity and precision, these students solved puzzles with a flair that left spectators in awe. Their dedication and strategic thinking propelled them to the top ranks, earning them the coveted first, second, and third prizes of 1500, 900, and 500 respectively. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as winners were announced, celebrating their remarkable achievements. Techouse Library’s sudoku event not only showcased the power of intellect but also underscored the spirit of competition and excellence that thrives within its walls.

Techouse Library has taken a proactive approach in organizing events aimed at motivating students and engaging their minds. This time Techouse Library organised Sudoku Competition where competitors participated in the event at its best. By providing a platform for students to explore new ideas, collaborate with peers, and interact with professionals, Techouse Library not only enhances academic learning but also cultivates essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. Through these initiatives, students are encouraged to push their boundaries, pursue their passions, and unlock their full potential, ultimately contributing to a vibrant and dynamic learning community.


Sudoku Championship Details

How to play Sudoku

Winner – ₹1500
Runner up – ₹900
Third – ₹500
14 Players will be awarded with – ₹150

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sudoku event organised by techouse

The Sudoku Event has been sponsored by

Chirag House


The Boys



How to Play Sudoku


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