We believe in serving people. We have served masses from college students to professionals in the hospital industry. We have been in this industry for the last 20 years and year by year we have been improving our facilities to make you feel more like your home. We provide an environment similar to your home. We believe in providing good food just like home cooked by their mothers, rooms are as clean and comfortable as your home sweet home.

We have been in the Paying Guest business for 20 years and we are the best in that, now we are going one step forward into the field of IT Sector. Wish us the best of luck.

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We have the expertise and profound experience in modern technologies such as

  1. Cloud computing (AWS, Alibaba and Azure)
  2. Different Linux Distros to provide maximum Output.
  3. We are moving forward to the new industry.
  4. Devops
  5. Monitoring Services (Newrelic, nagios, Zabbix)

About TechouseHub

TechouseHub was started to provide the best coworking space and self-study space for all. But currently, we are happy to announce that we are doing great in our field by providing our Coworking and Library services to more than 500+ clients.

For any Help contact us – [email protected]

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