List of best editors in Linux


List of top 10 Editors and which will be the best editor in linux.


Hello Everyone last time I have shared one of my favorite editors of all time elephant. Elephant Editor is brilliant and very simple to use. I have compared it with all top 10 editors available on Linux and found the best editor for you.

List of best editors in Ubuntu. top 10 editors

List of best editors over cross-platforms. top 10 editors

List of best editors in Fedora. top 10 editors

List of best editors in Centos. top 10 editors

How to install text editors

  1. Elephant (Can be used on any platform)
  2. Notes
  3. Nixnote
  4. Nixnote 2
  5. Everpad
  6. Nevernote
  7. Whatever
  8. Simplenote
  9. Wiznote
  10. Laverna
  1. Elephant the Best editor so far for me.

Please click here to know more about this editor  – Elephant

  1. Notes

          This note editor is available on ubuntu store.
Press window button type – “store”
As you will find ubuntu software, click on it
Now find by typing note and you will find this editor listed in the store

          It looks very similar to IOS notes.
It is easy to use, very simple
It automatically sync into your system under the users directory (/home/techouse/.notes)

Cons: You cannot add images also cannot make text changes.

  1. Nixnote


It is one the most famous client app for Linux to connect Evernote but I don’t find as much as useful


  1. Limited space
  2. Limited users access
  3. Cross-Platform problem
  4. Limited Desktop users
  5. Not very handy to use
  6. Searching worse as compared to elephant


I don’t like its interface. Secondly, it depends on Evernote and as you know the cons of Evernote. So, I would never suggest you to use it.

You can find your answer here
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install everpad

  1. Whatever

Whatever is not an editor, it is basically web app of Evernote.
It runs online.
If you want to use Evernote you just open the browser and use the web app of Evernote why the hell you need “whatever”.

Download Whatever note editor
  1. SimpleNote

This project is based on snap (

How to install Simplenote in Linux

sudo snap install simplenote

See what snap is

How to run Simplenote use terminal to run Simplenote



  1. Wiznote

Wiznote looks nice, have good interface.
Provide multiple features such as adding images, marking as code

10. Laverna

This is one of my favorite editors as it has all features that are needed in the editor.
It allows import and export docs but they should be in JSON format.
Also, have the option to sync your accounts.
Laverna has best searching engine as compared to other note editors.

Download Link


I would suggest you to go with elephant or Laverna. All features are available with the very good looking interface and searching options also available.

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