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Isro exams

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) recruits scientists and engineers through a competitive selection process.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical selection procedure:


The eligibility criteria for ISRO positions vary depending on the specific post and project requirements. Generally, they look for candidates with:

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in relevant science or engineering fields (e.g., Electronics, Mechanical, Computer Science, Physics, etc.)
Minimum percentage requirements in qualifying exams
Experience (may be required for some positions)

Selection Process:

ISRO typically follows a two-stage selection process:

1. Written Test:

This online exam tests your knowledge and understanding of the relevant technical subjects.
The format and syllabus can vary depending on the specific post, but it often includes questions on:
Core Engineering or Science concepts
Aptitude and reasoning
General knowledge

2. Interview/Skill Test:

Candidates who qualify in the written exam are called for an interview or a skill test (or both).
The interview assesses your technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and overall suitability for the position.
The skill test might involve a practical demonstration of your abilities related to the specific job requirements.
Additional Information:

Shortlisting: After each stage (written test, interview/skill test), candidates are shortlisted based on their performance.
Final Merit List: The final selection is based on a combined score from the written test and interview/skill test.
Medical Examination: Selected candidates may undergo a medical examination before the final appointment.


ISRO Careers Section: This is the official website for ISRO recruitment. It provides information on current openings, eligibility criteria, and the selection process.
Previous Year Papers: While ISRO doesn’t officially release question papers, some resources online might offer sample questions or analysis of past exams (use with caution as their accuracy cannot be guaranteed).

Here are some additional points to consider:

The ISRO selection process can be highly competitive. Strong academic performance and relevant experience are crucial for success.
Preparing for the ISRO exam requires a focused approach towards technical subjects and aptitude tests.
There are coaching institutes and online resources available to help candidates prepare for the ISRO exam. However, ensure the resources you use are reputable.
By understanding the selection process and preparing diligently, you can increase your chances of getting selected for an ISRO position.


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