How to install nasm latest version in Linux ?


Installing NASM in Linux

What is NASM?

  • Nasm is one the most popular assemblers in Linux
  • This installation process is same for each and every Linux Distros
  • Relocatable Dynamic Object File Format (RDOFF)
  • Nasm has its own binary Format RDOFF.

How to install NASM Assembler in Linux

There are 2 Methods to install Nasm ( nasm 2.31.01)

Method 1 (Manual Installation)

First create a directory, were we will download the nasm tar file

cd ~/ffmpeg_sources

Now Download the nasm using the below command

curl -O -L

Extract the download file

tar xjvf nasm-2.13.01.tar.bz2

cd nasm-2.13.01

After extracting run the scripts present in the downloaded folder which will start installing nasm


Set the path where you want to install nasm

./configure --prefix="$HOME/ffmpeg_build" --bindir="$HOME/bin"

Continue the Installation

make install

To install Latest NASM version follow this Method
Method 2 (Install using the repository)

Below installation is conducted in Centos 7
Create this repo file and below text in it

vim /etc/yum.repos.d/nasm.repo

name=The Netwide Assembler

name=The Netwide Assembler (release candidate builds)

name=The Netwide Assembler (daily snapshot builds)
gpgcheck=0%MINIFYHTML1b30ee3e091ac3e7678fb3fc6d01c7fe12%%MINIFYHTML1b30ee3e091ac3e7678fb3fc6d01c7fe13%Now install Nasm
sudo su
yum install nasm

Each every NASM version installation will be same.

Download the Nasm from the given link below and Follow the Method 1;O=D

Important Links

Check the list of available NASM versions.;O=D

Find Nasm Documents link

Nasm useful links

One of our user suggested error in ubuntu, please check this out as well.

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