How to install FFMPEG NASM assembler in Linux? | Install NASM Linux

How to Install NASM on Linux

image edited using nasm, learn how to install nasm

What is NASM?

  • Nasm is one the most popular assemblers in Linux
  • This installation process is same for each and every Linux Distros
  • Relocatable Dynamic Object File Format (RDOFF)
  • Nasm has its own binary Format RDOFF.

How to install FFMPEG NASM Assembler in Linux

There are 2 Methods to install FFMPEG Nasm ( nasm 2.31.01)

Method 1 (Manual Installation)

First create a directory, were we will download the nasm tar file

cd ~/ffmpeg_sources

Now Download the nasm using the below command

curl -O -L

Extract the download file

tar xjvf nasm-2.13.01.tar.bz2

cd nasm-2.13.01

After extracting run the scripts present in the downloaded folder which will start installing nasm


Set the path where you want to install nasm

./configure --prefix="$HOME/ffmpeg_build" --bindir="$HOME/bin"

Continue the Installation

make install

To install Latest NASM version follow this Method
Method 2 (Install using the repository)

Below installation is conducted in Centos 7
Create this repo file and below text in it

vim /etc/yum.repos.d/nasm.repo

name=The Netwide Assembler

name=The Netwide Assembler (release candidate builds)

name=The Netwide Assembler (daily snapshot builds)

Now install Nasm
sudo su
yum install nasm

Each every NASM version installation will be same.

Download the Nasm from the given link below and Follow the Method 1;O=D

Important Links

Check the list of available NASM versions.;O=D

Find Nasm Documents link

Nasm useful links

One of our user suggested error in ubuntu, please check this out as well.


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