Learn Docker

Learn Docker 1

All the docker commands will be common for Ubuntu, Centos, Windows and Mac IOS

Learn Docker 2

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How to run containers in Docker?

Find the container you are willing to run using Docker. Such as – Nginx, Redis, Busybox etc. To make things more clear I am showing you an Example – how run apache server using Docker.

First, we need to know the correct name for docker image available.

docker search apache

Learn Docker 3

After running this command you will see all these options. I am using the first image – “httpd”

docker run httpd

Now, Check whether your container is up or not, Below command will list all the running containers

docker ps


d951ce6735dd httpd “httpd-foreground” 5 seconds ago Up 3 seconds 80/tcp optimistic_beaver

Using the below commands helps to know the running containers as well as non-running containers

docker ps --all

Note:- If you are trying to access it in the browser it will not because as it is running on a container we need to make a connection between the inside container and outside container.

docker run -p incoming_port:inside_port image_id

Docker run -p 8080:80 d951ce6735dd

Learn Docker 4

How to stop Docker containers and delete?

docker stop container_id (if container do not stop in 10 seconds then it will automatically run kill command.)
docker kill container_id (Stopping the container Forcefully)

To Delete non-running container

docker system prune


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