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What is Sentora?

The open-source web hosting control panel!

Sentora is based on the solid foundations of ZPanel and developed by the original team, Sentora provides a robust open-source web hosting control panel for small to medium ISPs.

Sentora is a free to download and use web hosting control panel developed for Linux, UNIX and BSD based servers or computers. The Sentora software can turn a domestic or commercial server into a fully fledged, easy to use and manage web hosting server.

Sentora is an open-source web hosting control panel built specifically to work on a variety of Linux distributions. Sentora is licensed under the GPLv3 and is a separately maintained fork of the original ZPanel project. Sentora is developed and maintained by the original members of the ZPanel team. Click here to know TEAM.

Sentora Development Details

Sentora is written in PHP and utilises various other GNU/open-source software packages such as Apache HTTPd, PHP, Dovecot, Postfix, ProFTPd and MariaDB to name a few.

Sentora Features

  1. Multi-client environment
  2. Quota management (Managing multiple services)
  3. Integrate with the API
  4. Functionality of Sentora can be extended using your own modules.
  5. Speaking your language
  6. Community Based (It is growning)


Sentora is designed to install and work with the following software packages :

Apache HTTPd

This is a list of primary softwares. Third-party modules or Community created modules, have the ability to substitute the core packages as well as add further functionality.


Sentora – Welcome to Sentora Docs
Sentora – F.A.Q.
About – Sentora
About – Sentora

“Most common issue with Sentora is SSL installation. We will make your Sentora panel safe with SSL in just one 1 hour.”

If you are willing to learn Sentora then Read Its Documentation given in below Link or just feel free to contact us and learn more about Sentora.

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