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How yoga is helpful for students 1 0

How yoga is helpful for students

Yoga supports stress reduction through physical relaxation, breathing techniques, and mindfulness practices. This reduction in stress levels can indirectly benefit studying by improving focus, concentration, and emotional well-being. Integrating yoga into a daily routine...

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Free Late Night Hours for All Members

late night libraryWe are delighted to unveil an incredible enhancement to our library services that promises to elevate your study sessions to new heights!Commencing from May 7th, 2024, our esteemed I Block Library will...



Word of the Day OSTENSIBLY (adverb) : as it seems or is claimed, but not necessarily the reality ; Seemingly or Apparently. Synonyms- Allegedly, Supposedly , Evidently, Superficially Antonyms- Actually , Truly, Undeniably ,...

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Why Choose Techouse Library?

Choosing Techouse Library offers a unique and enriching experience for students due to its dual focus on providing an environment for self-study and organizing events to keep students motivated. Techouse Library recognizes the importance...



Offer starts from 1st March and valid till 8th of March 2024 3 Months Membership 2500/-* Only TechHouse Library, the premier self-study space provider, is proud to announce its most substantial offer yet: a...

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Why UPSC is considered one of the Hardest Exam on Planet Earth

UPSC stands for the Union Public Service Commission. It is a constitutional body in India responsible for conducting various competitive examinations for recruitment to several prestigious positions within the Indian government. The UPSC was...

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