Twitter Accounts Hacked July 2020

Twitter Accounts Hacked July 2020 1

Only 17 Year Old boy Hacked 130 Twitter Accounts

Twitter Accounts – President Barack Obama, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos and Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk, including 130 accounts more been hacked on July 15 2020. Accounts of Celebs, Politicians, and others been hacked but hackers didn’t use any sophisticated or typical hacking tools to pierce the company’s security system. He is only 17 years old just pass out from High School.

Graham Ivan Clark – 17-year-old, Hijacked 130 twitter accounts and demanded for $100,000 donations of Bitcoin. And This was not his First time he also hacked Insta accounts and other social media accounts from age of 11. He used simple hack by sending URL to their friends and from there he can get all login information.

How he hacked the twitter account?

Graham Ivan Clark РConvinced an information technology employee at Twitter that he was a colleague who needed login credentials to access the company’s customer support platform, according to law enforcement officials.

Graham is only 17 and facing 30 felony charges for hacking those accounts.

He had 45 tweets were Tweeted from hacked accounts and also message inboxes were accessed in 36 of the accounts, and Twitter data was downloaded from seven of them, the company said.

List of Big Business Titans whos accounts was hacked –

1. Bill Gates
2. Elon Mask
3. Barack Obama
5. Joe Biden
6. Apple
7. Uber
8. Mike Bloomberg
9. Wiz Khalifa
10. Warren Buffett
11. Flyod Mayweather
12. Tron Foundation


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