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ISRO GPS System 0


ISRO GPS System, Proud moment for Indians. Indian GPS launched With qualcomm – snapdragon 772G, 662 and 460. Big firms xiaomi and realme confirms to use these navIC supported chipsets. #NavIC #indian #madeinindia #snapdragon #qualcomm...

work from 0

How to switch to GUI in Linux

How to switch to GUI in Linux Graphical Terminal Linux How to install GUI in Centos 7 Linux using terminal commands? How to upgrade your system from the terminal view to GUI in Centos...

Free DDNS DuckDns 8 0

Free DDNS DuckDns

DuckDns DDNS Dynamic DNS service Duck DNS – install what does the service actually do? Duck DNS is a free service which will point a DNS (subdomains of to an IP of your choice...

How to Install Dropbox on Ubuntu 9 0

How to Install Dropbox on Ubuntu

How to Install Dropbox on Ubuntu, Centos? Download the dropbox installer as per your environment sudo yum localinstall nautilus-dropbox-2015.10.28-1.fedora.x86_64.rpm Search for Dropbox icon and select, it will redirect you to the login page...

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