Mount in Centos 7

How To Set Up a Firewall Using FirewallD on CentOS 7

How to mount ISO file in linux

~mount -o loop path/to/iso/file/YOUR_ISO_FILE.ISO /media/iso

How to mount USB Drives on your linux system using terminal commands.

First List up all the drives connected to your system.


After listing choose the drive you are planning to mount. Example

mount /dev/sdb1 /home/techouse/your_folder_name

If you are planning to mount permanently, Then try below commands

Open fstab file.

vim /etc/fstab

Add Below line and save the file

/dev/ssd /mntssd ext4 defaults 0 2

Now, check whether it is mounted correctly or not b using below command

/dev/ssd /mntssd ext4 defaults 0 2

Last step restart your system

init 6

How to mount particular folder from network

mount local ip ( temporary (directory - /mnt)
mount -t cifs // /mnt/ -o username=chirag.tomar

How to mount permanently

mount permanently (vim /etc/fstab)
// /home/pi/test cifs username=myname,password=123456789,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0

Ubuntu fstab

/dev/sdax /media/user/label type defaults 0 0

for ntfs

/dev/sdax /media/user/label ntfs defaults 0 0

for ext4

/dev/sdax /media/user/label ext4 defaults 0 0

How to umount forcefully

sudo umount -a

Normal umount

umount /mnt

Force umount

umount -f /mnt

Lazy Umount , This will work

umount -l /mnt


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